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  • We tried every site and store location available, not only to find the best price but to find quality for that price, we learned a lot about window blinds along the way, and I can tell you without a dought that true blinds comes winning out on top every time. So we went ahead and bought here and we are so glad we did. Highly recommend and customer service is like none other too.

    - Gail Moran

  • Les stores étaient super bien emballés. L'installation était super facile. La qualité est bonne et c'est facile à manipuler pour ouvrir et fermer.

    - Sébastien Picard

  • We love our new Zebra blinds!! They were easy to install and they look fantastic. At first we thought one package was missing, so I contacted customer service. They called me later the same day and by then we had received it. The woman was very polite and happy to help. I highly recommend ordering your blinds from True Blinds! Well worth it!

    - Jen MacGregor

  • My blinds are perfect, I also just noticed today on their site that they contribute with every blind sold to their local childrens hospital. I'll tell you after speaking to the customer service in the past and felt like they really cared about my satifaction, I am not surprised they are involved for the kids in their community. Bravo

    - Stella Bucur

  • Great Blinds, great service! My experiance was that this site is it didn't feel like a cold on line buiness, easy to reach and talk to. They checked every box on my wish list. I'm satisfied

    - Sam Tuffin

  • Our cordless blinds are very parctical and feel very solid, thank you for your help. We highly recommend

    - Pia Villarossa

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