Qui sommes nous

JusteDesStores.ca, when the manufacturer decides to do things differently.

Our vision:

To offer high-end window treatments made of fabric and superior-quality components, at a fair price. Après tout, ce sont juste des stores!

From vision to creation – Initially, JusteDesStores was created to offer its products to its distributors, including designers, specialized interior decorating stores and home-based resellers. But why not offer our products directly to the general public, with no middle person, at the same price that the resellers and distributors pay? There was just one final part of the equation that had to be worked out: how to offer this opportunity to the greatest possible number of people? Through the internet, of course. This strategy provides unlimited reach, allowing a person 500 kilometres from our offices to browse through the products on our website and access the best prices in the market.


Our method is simple - The customer, from the comfort of their home, can buy window treatments without having to travel and receive their purchase via a shipping service directly at their home. It is even possible to receive free samples by mail before making a final choice.

The shopping process is easy - When it’s convenient for you, browse the pages of the different products in order to make your selection. Then add the window treatments you want, measured to fit your windows, to the shopping cart. We will then manufacture your blind or shade from A to Z, specifically for you, according to the measurements you provided, and finally deliver them directly to your home.


La question - Not a day goes by without someone asking us why our prices are so low. It’s simple – you pay the cost price that the distributors would pay. There’s no middle person.

Did you know that we buy our components and fabric at the same place that the big names in the market do? For window treatments, it’s all about where materials are sourced. South Korea and Taiwan are the two places in the world that produce fabric of superior quality. That’s why we’re proud to proclaim that our fabrics come from the best world-renowned fabric suppliers.



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