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Control your environment at the tip of your finger!

Motorization was once seen at as a high-end product, we now have easy access, easy to use and very safe due to the fact that there no longer is a lift chain or cord this makes it 100% child safe.

Our motors are very silent, perfect for any window in your home especially the out of reach windows.

How does it work?

We insert a motor in your headrail where its only function is to raise and lower your blind at your command. Our motors are internal lithium powered, probably the most popular type of motorization, they will need to be charged periodically (about 3 to 6 months of charge hold depending on usage )

Our white battery powered remote can handle up to 5 blinds at once.

The last component you will need is a battery charger that comes with a 13 foot charging cord.

If you are a customer of True Blinds and already have one or several of our blinds in your home or office, know that it is now possible to add motorization if you wish.

If more information is needed on motorization please feel free to reach out to our customer service department.


  • Your motorized blind doesn’t seem to be working

    1. Verify that your motor is in ON position

    2. Assure that your plug outlet is well suppling power

    3. Verify the remotes battery

    4. Assure that the motor is well charged (a minimum of 4 hours before trying again). A complete charge can take up to 6 hours.

    - Was the motor and the remote well synced?

  • Your motorized blind is not synced to the remote

    (See our animated steps on our web site)

    1. Switch the motor to ON position (a light will light up).

    2. With the help of the arrows choose the channel of your choice to sync the blind (Example: channel 1 for kitchen window).

    3. Then press on the settings button and hold for 3 seconds (The blind will do a little up/down movement telling you it is ready) with the aid example of a paper clip, press on button C on the back of the remote.

    If you think that your blind did not sync, please retry the syncing process again

  • The horizontal bands on your zebra blinds do not align

    On the backside of your remote, with the help of a fine point object like a paper clip insert where the letter C is. A light on the inserted motor or a Bip will occur. You can now insert your fine object on the back side of your remote on letter L. You can now line up your horizontal bands by pressing the up or down arrows, once you are satisfied go back to with your fine object and press C again.

    You have now adjusted your blind easily!

  • Your Blind does not go up well and stops along the way

    - It maybe time to recharge the battery.

    - Assure that the antenna ( the thin wire ) is out of the headrail, it should always be exposed.

    - Ideally reprogramming your remote to your blind. Problem of motor rotation, if your motor always turns in the same direction no matter which arrow you press, this means that the limit setting up and down have not been configured. In this case the limits must be configured.

    Please see our animated video on our web site.

    If any issues persist please feel free to contact us at


    - The motor should always be in OFF position before and during installation.

    - Please note that your blind or blinds should be fully installed before any use of the remote. This is to avoid your blind from unrolling with-in its packaging which can lead to fabric damage.

    - Avoid installing the antenna wire (the thin wire ) inside the headrail, antennas installed with-in the headrail may cause interference and or damage the motor.

    - Do not cut any wires or pierce any part of the battery!

    - Do not remove the motor from the headrail.

    - At normal usage of your blind (open and close once a day) you may need to charge your motor every 3 months approximately, please remove the charger from the motor once charge is completed.